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DESCRIPTION:The Kids series is ideal for use in home, school, park, and playground scenarios for children in the surrounding area, or any NPC in games. This pack includes 10 characters in different skin colors. Perfectly match for daily, communicatio
DESCRIPTION:Sketchy Scenes are .png based, and as a result do not have render styles options. These scenes are created using a combination of digital art, hand illustration, photo bashing, artifical intelligence, 3D renders and Photoshop.The DIY Scen
DESCRIPTION:These 3 SFX packs are for use inside Iclone 7 (may work in 8). Each pack contains SFX substances that can be used on the timeline in iclone 7 on CC3+ characters only See individual packs  for more details.FREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS.We
DESCRIPTION:PRODUCT: DMFX Prosthetic Style Zombie Makeup Texture Bundle High-Quality Skin Gen Assets for Character Creator This bundle includes 48 SkinGen assets of Zombie wound, skin, and blood textures from our „Zombie Pack 2 & 3“, helpin
DESCRIPTION:DMFX Zombie Skin Pack 1 High-Quality Skin Gen Assets for Character Creator This is our first release of 24 SkinGen assets for zombie skin creation. This pack will help you to level up your zombie designs inside Character Creator 3. Specia
DESCRIPTION:Introducing "Make Me Actor" - the ultimate 2D content pack for creating captivating animations and presentations. With the innovative "Anything Can Be An Actor" feature, flexible template customization, and various actor template styles,
DESCRIPTION:This pack provides a wide range of dynamic text animations, animated props, and special effects, allowing you to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. It includes various performance options, such as animated card flips an
DESCRIPTION:Meet The Johnsons. A series of G3 characters for Cartoon Animator. Taking full advatnage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, these characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to them wi
DESCRIPTION:FX Pack – Energy 211mb Download includes- x6 zipped files containing the following x13 Animated Prop (ctProp) files for use with Cartoon Animator 4 x7 Prop (PNG) files x1 Pack title image x1 Thumbnail video (MP4) file x1 Proof of Purcha
DESCRIPTION:Old European town with squares and streets, layered just for you!Pack includes: 6 ScenesFREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS.We always appreciate all donations from our dear members.Your comments encourage [email protected]