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DESCRIPTION:Cartoon nature scenes ( Mountain houses)  are  CA4 scenes which constist of 6 scenes with 83 props, some of which being repetitive in all of the scenes or in some of the scenes, depending on the positioning in the scene itself.
DESCRIPTION:Bigboss and Alley have teamed up to bring you an exciting new line of cloth for CC3+ characters.  With Bigboss extraordinary skill at creating cloth, and Alley’s extensive background in texturing, together they will create stunning
DESCRIPTION:Bee Happy character: - Happy Bee Character / G3 - Animated Action wings (20 frames) on bee character - 5 Behive props - 3 Animated bee swams / Animated Action  (30 frames), (120 frames), & (240 frames) -16 mouth positions - 8 Eye
DESCRIPTION:This pack contains All The Shorts and the Tops. Mix and Match.  4K Textures. No Softcloth added.
DESCRIPTION:DIY Games Arcade A collection of individual prop elements that can be combined in any number of ways to build scenes that can be used as static backgrounds for your media or animation. ?mb Download includes- x58 Prop (.ctProp) files for C
DESCRIPTION:Forest Goblins is the representative of Aries and is part of the Little Cute Dolls series created by Alice's Dream. Inspired by the signs of Zodiac, the Little Cute Dolls series are G3 side-facing characters in an unique anime style.Peter
DESCRIPTION:VARIOUS COLOR OPTIONS There are 4 color options for each cloth. And there are both 4K / 2K resolution textures for each color. By choosing either of them, you can easily optimize data loads in your scenes.REALISTIC CREASES WITH LOW POLY M
DESCRIPTION:Complete your CC Library with HairStudio, the new product line for hair creation by ToKoMotion. HairStudio - Hairstyles Vol.01 includes 30 Hair Elements, 25 pre-assembled Hairstyles & 10 Materials. Each hair element is carefully craft
DESCRIPTION:The robot motion pack is available now, it includes 18 movements, including basic robot walking and running, 4 talking, and 8 performances, which can be freely assembled to generate new combinations, this pack doesn't include facial motio