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DESCRIPTION:Studio Mocap Series - Kids’ Adventure consists of 66 realistic and natural kids’ movements ideal for children to discover a world of adventure. These motions are based on daily scenarios when kids play and interact with each other. Yo
DESCRIPTION:MakarToons – The Dudes featuring designs by Makar Malicki which were converted to Character Creator by Peter Alexander. It’s a fascinating pack full of dudes. There are so many guys who deserve their own pack! This pack contains 5 clo
DESCRIPTION::The 3D Motion Sampler contains 80 x 2D animation sequences converted from 3D mocap motion packs in various genres, including Girl Dance, Iconic Hero Motion, Social Hangout - Nightlife, City Life, and more. This sampler is designed to sho
DESCRIPTION:Fantasy House Room – Dining 73mb Download includes- x2 zipped files containing the following x1 Background (PSD, PNG, ctScene) files x1 Thumbnail Images (JPEG) file x1 Pack title imageWe always appreciate all donations from our dear mem
DESCRIPTION:FX Pack – Essentials – eMatrix 167mb Download includes- x3 zipped files containing the following x6 Animated Prop (ctProp) files for use with Cartoon Animator 4 x6 Prop (PNG) files x1 Pack title image x1 Thumbnail video (MKV) file x1
DESCRIPTION:Meet the Bonkers. A wacky series of G3 characters . Taking full advantage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, these characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to them with great result
DESCRIPTION:Clothing on these adorable creatures can be easily changed up in the Appearance Editor to your specific liking.  The tail and whiskers are accessories.  Cape is soft cloth.We always appreciate all donations from our dear members
DESCRIPTION:HW-City E-Bikes Collection is the collection of motions and props for the iClone modern City E-bikes. This pack includes 7 props and 12 Animation Demo: 7 x Ebike (with separated parts fit for different animation) 12 Motions are included i
DESCRIPTION:Update v1.1 (2022-02-01) In total, there are 105 tattoo skin preset variations included in the pack. The skin presets have been completely reworked and no longer require the base content for full functionality.FREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS&nbs
DESCRIPTION:This Pack contains 03 rtoon Characters for iClone.The humanoid characters are provided as non-standard human character for iClone compatible with iClone standard human motions.We always appreciate all donations from our dear members.The n