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DESCRIPTION:HQ Modern Hotel Room Including the following 13Packs : Castle Interior Frankenstein Lab by Anton Bakhmat Apple Garden by Anton Bakhmat Church Interior by Anton Bakhmat Diner Cafe by Anton Bakhmat Green Planet 2 by Anton Bakhmat Bedroom by
DESCRIPTION:All Stars Occupations Including the following 12 Packs : All Stars Hostess All Stars Playwright All Stars Safety Andy All Stars Gangster All Stars Carpenter All Stars Prospector All Stars Rockstar All Stars Cameraman All Stars Corporate A
DESCRIPTION:Little Mates # Everday Hero Including the following 15 Packs : Little Mates #10 - BBQ Guy Little Mates #15 - Tuxedo Little Mates - #33 Schoolboy Little Mates #34 - Schoolgirl Little Mates #36 - Safety Little Mates #39 - Fitness Little Mat
DESCRIPTION:This is the Food Services Industry Pack from the "Occupation Series".  Along with the cloth bases, you get several pre-textured and ready to go pieces.  Each piece is fully customizable using the Substance Appearance Editor insi
DESCRIPTION:Meet Berry from the Tucker Time Gang . Taking full advantage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, these actors bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to them with great results.Sketchy Scenes
DESCRIPTION:This is the Superhero Female Collection from the "Fantasy Series".   Along with the cloth bases, you get several pre-textured and ready to go pieces.  Each piece is customizable using the Substance Appearance Editor inside
DESCRIPTION:ulu was a cocky young whizkid who was never shy of bragging about her intellect and capabilities. You know, to anyone who knows how to apply Spring Bones to a character, Lulu is a gold mine. Those pigtails and that skirt will move so flui
DESCRIPTION:These professional character voice clips are perfect to lip sync to, and are also a great way to practice manual lip syncing.Audio Pack – Halloween 22mb Download includes- x5 zipped files containing the following x1 Halloween Theme (WAV
DESCRIPTION:Introducing an extraordinary piece of AI-generated digital art. This captivating artwork showcases a harmonious blend of technology and artistic vision. With meticulous attention to detail and innovative use of algorithms, We crafted a me
DESCRIPTION:For Cartoon Animator only: Scene > Scene (4) Dungeon 1 , Dungeon 2 , Dungeon 3 , Dungeon 4 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Nightmare Dungeon , 4 scenes in parallaxLOW FEEDBACK = LESS FREE CONTENTWe always appreciate all donations from our de