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DESCRIPTION:11 Fully rendered Christmas environments inside Santa's House
DESCRIPTION:The purpose of this Omniverse Audio2Face plugin is to load the baked iClone blendshape animation from NVIDIA Audio2Face. For how to generate iClone facial blendshape animation from Audio2Face, please watch the demo video to learn. Mai
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon dog LEO is a character made in two versions (human and animal), for Cartoon animator 4 with 360 head degrees (F) . Characters: 1. Cartoon dog LEO-human 2. Cartoon dog LEO-animal The character accept all the movements from the alre
DESCRIPTION:Get these 8 fully-rigged, facial animation ready, and light weight 3D scanned people and themed actors for the best crowd rendering quality.
DESCRIPTION:3 Sitcom set scenes, 1 long full parallax 7688x1440 px and 2 scenes 2560x1440 pxFREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS   We always appreciate all donations from our dear members.Your comments encourage us.
DESCRIPTION:The Cyber Street Bundle is made up of 6 futuristic outfits. Three women's suits and three men's suits. It's more than 30 independent elements: _ 4 jackets with morphs _ 1 cape with hood and 11 morphs _ 6 tops _ 5 pants and leggings _ 1 br
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon Butterfly Cartoon Butterfly is a G3 character for Crazy Talk Animator 3. Characters: 1. Cartoon Butterfly F 2. Cartoon Butterfly F - fly 3. Cartoon Butterflay S 4. Cartoon Butterfly profile 5. Cartoon Butterfly profile (fly) acces
DESCRIPTION:The G2 Power Tools Vol. 2 - Mega Presenter content pack is a polished new collection of Character, Scene, Animation and Special Effects pack ideal for on-the-run presenters and companies. Turn your PowerPoint presentations into awesome an
DESCRIPTION:5 x uniquely stylized female characters by José Tijerín! These fully-rigged characters are well proportioned and attentively crafted with unique styles and personalities. With Character Creator software, these avatars can also be redesi
DESCRIPTION:Based on historical records and research we have continued with the previous hit series through the new Gladiator Vol. 2 pack. This content collection introduces 4 more types of warriors from the Ancient Roman Colosseum: Gladiator, Dimach