DESCRIPTION:Adventure Series -  Equipment and Accessories is one of the packs in Adventure Combo. The pack includes up to 135 models for outdoor activities, providing equipment for excursions as well as for adventures in remote locations and exp
DESCRIPTION:Adventure Series -  Multi-purpose Track Vehicle is part of the Adventure Combo. This pack includes 3 interactive track vehicles. All the models have optimized meshes and PBR textures with well-optimized UV maps, making them perfect f
DESCRIPTION:*This pack is for iClone v8.00 or above. Lack of animations for romantic touch? Motions for Lovers consists of realistic, classical interactions between couples from love-at-first-sight, to falling in love. Find a complete collection of t
DESCRIPTION:- 3 variants of a fur generator Haircut-Bump : a fur composed of customizable meshes Haircut-Fur ; a customizable stylised fur Haircut-noddle : a fur that lookslike tube -2 powerfull Lightning Lightning_Xtreme : Huge  spiky Strikes e
DESCRIPTION:Character G3 360. Complete range of eye, hand and mouth sprites. G3 360 movement can be added. Supports 3D motion. This character has Bone Hands. Matthew is one of the characters in the Drivers and Cars pack.FREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS 
DESCRIPTION:Meet the Bonkers. A wacky series of G3 characters for Cartoon Animator. Taking full advantage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, these characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to th
DESCRIPTION:Athletic Run Pack consists of 1 x Athletic Extension with a bonus of 3 x Standalone iMD. Athletic Extension is based on embedded Motion Director (MD) behavior - Casual Male; providing access to two additional running speeds. Special Bonus
DESCRIPTION:9 Earrings This pack includes 9 Earrings in different shapes and Designs with Effect System as a Head Accessory for both iClone 7.9 / CC 3 or above. Easy to add one or two Earrings to a same design or a different design for your character
DESCRIPTION:The motions are great for bringing your iClone characters to life whether for music videos, film or other artistic productions. They can also be exported for use in game engines like Unity and Unreal, or exported for use in external 3D re
DESCRIPTION:Joe is G3 360 degree character from the series Greatest Liders , also include one background and 6 Props compose as his Oval OfficeBoris is a G3 360 degree head and works with most CA4 human motions, he comes with a background and