DESCRIPTION:High quality outfits based on fantasy, historical and science-fiction themes brought to you by Xurge3D. Level up your fantasy world creation with this finely crafted content pack!Full support for iClone’s soft-cloth physics let's fabric
DESCRIPTION:Family collection - Cavemen edition - Character: This collection design by ST. 5 characters: • Front and Side actors; • 30 hand sprites; • 6 pairs of eye sprites; • 44 mouth sprites; • Compatible with 360 head motion and facial
DESCRIPTION:A set of 20 particles with dozens of settings that allow you to customize your effects. The world interaction mode is active. Particles bounce or trigger impact effects.FREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS SOON  We always appreciate all don
DESCRIPTION:This is the Adam and Eve pack that comes with everything you need to start to create stories based on those character, all 3 G3 characters are 360 degree head and ready for puppetry , Eve comes with extra hand sprites holding a apple ( bo
DESCRIPTION:Toon Series V1 - MEGA PACK 8 Male Toon Hairstyles - Hair>DorothyJean>ToonSeriesV1 7 Female Toon Hairstyles - Hair>DorothyJean>ToonSeriesV1 - (With soft cloth physics!) 5 Custom Female Head and Body Morphs. Mix and match to cre
DESCRIPTION (NEW VERSION FOR IC8):This is the EZ CAM Controller iClone Plugin by Bigboss. This plugin provides remote controls to operate your cameras using your mouse and keyboard. The Dolly, Truck, Pedestal, Pan and Tilt commands are also mapp
DESCRIPTION (NEW VERSION FOR IC8):PopcornFX Particle Sequencer plug-in can be used to easily and intuitively manage PopcornFX particle emit time and loop status without using the timeline. You can drag/drop selected particles to the item list, change
DESCRIPTION:Character features- – Flexible bone system, allowing character to bend and stretch with realistic movement.  Apply the G3 side facing movements for great results, or keyframe for precise control. – Full lip synching and a complet
DESCRIPTION:Lens Flare 200+ provides 73 x effects and 221 x elements for users to create cinematic camera effects. There are various options for users to either directly use the assembled effects in 4 categories, or customize them by adjusting size,
DESCRIPTION:No matter how real the character model is being designed, once the facial animation is not right, the amateur performance can immediately disengage the audience. Frequent issues when animating include awkward facial movement, lacking targ