DESCRIPTION:Sketchy Scenes are .png based, and as a result do not have render styles options. These scenes are created using a combination of digital art, hand illustration, photo bashing, artifical intelligence, 3D renders and Photoshop.The DIY Scen
DESCRIPTION:These 3 SFX packs are for use inside Iclone 7 (may work in 8). Each pack contains SFX substances that can be used on the timeline in iclone 7 on CC3+ characters only See individual packs  for more details.FREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS 10
DESCRIPTION:DMFX Zombie Skin Pack 1 High-Quality Skin Gen Assets for Character Creator This is our first release of 24 SkinGen assets for zombie skin creation. This pack will help you to level up your zombie designs inside Character Creator 3. Specia
DESCRIPTION:Old European town with squares and streets, layered just for you!Pack includes: 6 ScenesFREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS.We always appreciate all donations from our dear members.Your comments encourage [email protected]
DESCRIPTION:Meet Buz Blowfly. A Freebone character created by Garry Pye and star of the animated short "Steak Out". This download includes- - x1 Buz Blowfly ctFBactor - x1 Animated ctProp wings with 4 preset animations created by Declan Walsh - x1 La
DESCRIPTION:Sports Fashion-Thai Boxing Costumes is a collection of various styles of the Character Creators' Thai Boxing costumes. This pack includes 67 items: 7 x Thai Boxing Shirts 14 x Thai Boxing Wrapped Gloves (Left+Right) 10 x Thai Boxing Arms
DESCRIPTION:Meeting Male Motion There are 13 animations in this pack 4 Idle/Listening animations 6 Talking animations 3 Thinking animations You can combine them as you want to build a meeting or negotiation.SPEECH_MOTION :There are 49 speech anim
DESCRIPTION:The pack contains 168 variations of tattoo skin presets. The "Modify/Appearance/Skin" panel allows you to easily change the position, rotation, and scale of each tattoo. The base tattoo color can also be changed. It is possible to combine
DESCRIPTION:Introducing the Martial Arts - Costumes 01 5 Set pack, a fantastic collection of outfits inspired by the legendary Chun Li from the iconic Street Fighter series. With five stunning costumes, including a striking reinterpretation of an evi
DESCRIPTION:Keeping it simple with a couple of classic park bench scenes. Minimal layers for simple setup and use. Scene file set up for Cartoon Animator! CTA: v4.50 or above. 2 backgrounds, x2 .PSD files 3840×2160 & (2x .ctScene files)FREE FOR