DESCRIPTION:This is the Superhero Collection from the "Fantasy Series".   Along with the cloth bases, you get several pre-textured and ready to go pieces.  Each piece is customizable using the Substance Appearance Editor inside Charact
\DESCRIPTION: Meet the Bonkers. A wacky new series of G3 characters by Garry Pye. Taking full advantage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, these characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to
DESCRIPTION:Dark Heroes - 7 Athletic Ninja Costumes​ is a collection of various gaming styles of the Character Creators' athletic ninja costumes. This pack includes 103 items: 6 x Masks ​6 x Ninja Shurikens 7 x Ski Masks 7 x Animatable Skateboard
DESCRIPTION:Nature scene - Native American village is a scene made with 34 combined props. The package contains Native American tools and weapons.FREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS .We always appreciate all donations from our dear members.Your comments en
DESCRIPTION:Studio Mocap Series - Emotes consist of typical interactive motions frequently being used in multi-user games, including diversified types of emotes; fight, dance, greet, win & lose. A total of 73 motions are perfect for game or socia
DESCRIPTION:See the first iClone 8 classical cartoon motion combo pack  - Sit and Talk Combo. Designed with key-frame animation techniques and exaggerated cartoon style , these motions are ideal for toon figures acting out  speaking, listen
DESCRIPTION:Studio Mocap Series - Hand-to-Hand Combat includes different combinations of punches and kicks that are commonly witnessed in street fights. As the best combat pack within the Studio Mocap Series, this pack consists of realistic fight mov
DESCRIPTION:HW-City E-Bikes Collection is the collection of motions and props for the iClone modern City E-bikes. This pack includes 7 props and 12 Animation Demo: 7 x Ebike (with separated parts fit for different animation) 12 Motions are included i
DESCRIPTION:Update v1.1 (2022-02-01) In total, there are 105 tattoo skin preset variations included in the pack. The skin presets have been completely reworked and no longer require the base content for full functionality.FREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS&nbs
DESCRIPTION:Lights, camera, action….and the show is underway! Classic Talk Show studio ready for interviews, stand up and its own live band. These ctScene's and ctProps for Cartoon Animator 4 are set up with the correct z-axis layering for quality