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DESCRIPTION:A full series of Scenes inspired to Young Frankestain Movie of Mel Brooks, 3 scenes indoor and 2 outdoor 3 Laboratory scenes 1 Transylvanya Town Long scene 1 Castle Atrium Long Scene.This Package cost 50$, In Our Kingdom Exclusively is Fr
DESCRIPTION:Eyes Hunters Vol 001 - Galactic Eyes Edition This pack is the cc3 compatible version. A detailed otherwordly pack of 34 eyes with galaxy theme. ​ It has Digital Human Eye Shader so you can customize iris, pupil and sclera parameters at
DESCRIPTION:Adventure Series - Outdoor Clothing is one of the packs in the Adventure Combo. It includes up to 200 clothes models for all kinds of outdoor activities, from excursions to expeditions, and remote places. All the models have PBR textures,
DESCRIPTION:Adventure Series -  Equipment and Accessories is one of the packs in Adventure Combo. The pack includes up to 135 models for outdoor activities, providing equipment for excursions as well as for adventures in remote locations and exp
DESCRIPTION:Adventure Series -  Multi-purpose Track Vehicle is part of the Adventure Combo. This pack includes 3 interactive track vehicles. All the models have optimized meshes and PBR textures with well-optimized UV maps, making them perfect f
DESCRIPTION:Studio Mocap Series - Motions for Bros & Pals consists of several types of realistic and well-known movements based on common interactions between men like greeting with gestures, chatting, drinking, playing bar games, and more. Freel
DESCRIPTION:*This pack is for iClone v8.00 or above. Lack of animations for romantic touch? Motions for Lovers consists of realistic, classical interactions between couples from love-at-first-sight, to falling in love. Find a complete collection of t
DESCRIPTION:The Queen is a G3 360 degree head character , she comes with a full set scene with 6 props and 2 separate props ( purse and and crown )RIP Queen ElizabethWe always appreciate all donations from our dear members.The number of free packs de
DESCRIPTION:- 3 variants of a fur generator Haircut-Bump : a fur composed of customizable meshes Haircut-Fur ; a customizable stylised fur Haircut-noddle : a fur that lookslike tube -2 powerfull Lightning Lightning_Xtreme : Huge  spiky Strikes e
DESCRIPTION:Meet the Bonkers. A wacky series of G3 characters. Taking full advantage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, these characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to them with great results