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Immerse your characters in a world of expressive motions with the 'Cowardly Moves' pack. This motion pack features a range of movements, from various walks and talking styles that convey uniqueness, to diverse reactions of cowardice, including dramat
DESCRIPTION:"Social Actions" is a crowd animation pack designed to utilize the dynamic spawning system for ActorGroups. Effortlessly bring scenes to life with individuals standing, sitting, engaging in conversation, or naturally interacting with clos
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DESCRIPTION:The BUNDLE, Four Spooky Nights project files, loaded with Twelve fx props. Minimal layers for simple setup and use. Project, Scene, and Prop files set up for Cartoon Animator! CTA: v5.0 or above. 3 backgrounds, x3 .PSD, PNG fi
DESCRIPTION:Aaron the Octopus is the most fun you're ever going to have with Cartoon Animators Motion Pilot feature. Animate this character easily by piloting your mouse around the screen as he follows your every movement and his spongey limbs bounce
DESCRIPTION:This pack has 5 modern urban style characters, including Alyn, Derek, Kofi, Nemy, and Thabo. This comprehensive package not only provides a diverse array of accessories but also includes mix-and-match of clothes, enabling you to freely ex
DESCRIPTION:Introducing 'Kids Moves' - a dynamic motion pack designed to infuse boundless energy into your animations! Dive into a world of kid's motions with confident strides, playful runs, and delightful jumps, giving cartoon characters a vibrant,
DESCRIPTION:So much variation can be created form the Larry Stickman series of characters. Customise your Stickman characters any way you want!Taking full advantage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, this G3 actor bends and stretches with rea