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DESCRIPTION:This is the Santa's Elves Packs from the "Character Actor Series".   Along with the cloth bases, you get several pre-textured and ready to go pieces.  Each piece is customizable using the Substance Appearance Editor inside
DESCRIPTION:Studio Mocap Series - Emotes consist of typical interactive motions frequently being used in multi-user games, including diversified types of emotes; fight, dance, greet, win & lose. A total of 73 motions are perfect for game or socia
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon Christmas Farm by Souchen - Animated - NEW This is a new and updated version of the Cartoon Christmas Farm by Souchen for iClone 7. The pack includes: 1)  Complete animated Scene with a PERFORM to create the full animation as
DESCRIPTION:Do you want to go one step further to be able to develop your stories in a Futuristic, Cyberpunk, or Sci-fi style? This is without a doubt your pack. Based on a careful and laborious stylized conceptual design, this adventure team offers
DESCRIPTION:This pack is a huge collection of character creations which includes 62 facial components, 23 hairstyles, 34 character outfit parts,16 accessories, 19 props, and 6 characters. All the hairstyles and accessories are designed in the structu
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DESCRIPTION:Boutique Accessories series includes trendy and different types of accessories, like handbags, backpacks, hats, and shoes. Each is made in high definition and photorealistic materials, suitable for either realistic human or cartoon charac
DESCRIPTION:Motions for Construction pack contains the typical activities for building, landscaping and refurbishing. 70 mocap animations are grouped for different roles of construction, including site surveyance, demolition, site clearance, material
DESCRIPTION:See the first iClone 8 classical cartoon motion combo pack  - Sit and Talk Combo. Designed with key-frame animation techniques and exaggerated cartoon style , these motions are ideal for toon figures acting out  speaking, listen
DESCRIPTION:Studio Mocap Series - Hand-to-Hand Combat includes different combinations of punches and kicks that are commonly witnessed in street fights. As the best combat pack within the Studio Mocap Series, this pack consists of realistic fight mov