These images show some of the hidden content in our Premium and Platinum club.Our hidden content also contains A lot of exclusive Content which remain a surprise for our dear Premium-Platinum members.WE ARE NOT ALONE BUT WE ARE THE BESTHOW TO BECOME
DESCRIPTION:8 animated propCTA v3.30 (or above)
DESCRIPTION:Set of 33 bandages that can cover the entire body. The right and left parts are always different. These bandages are "clothes" used in Character Creator 3. You can use them with usual clothes (pay attention to the number and order of the
DESCRIPTION:Complete Pistol Moves and StuntsNowadays, pistols are the the most common weapons used for military, police, detective, and mafia animation games. So no content creator can do without pistol combat motions. The pack includes base combat
DESCRIPTION:8 must-have motions for character designers to display heroic male and female actors! All animations have been attentively captured with professional stunt actors in a state-of-the-art optical motion capture studio. Careful motion plannin
DESCRIPTION:Church model created with both interior and exterior, and additional church props such as benches, doors, chandeliers, columns, cabinets and others. ICLONE 7.7 OR ABOVE
DESCRIPTION:Bigboss is extremely proud to announce the arrival of a series of absolutely outstanding and stunning new Virtual Sets for iClone.This is the "Showroom Vol.7-8-9-10'' Virtual Set by Barking Dog. This package is intended for eas
DESCRIPTION:MechREX is a gigantic mechanical monster, with 15 exquisitely animated MechREX motions, representing iconic combat movements for this battle beast.  Brute Male Armor and Adroit Female Armor cover a full set of male and female sci-fi
DESCRIPTION:This Bundle is specially dedicated to fans of special effects in Cartoon Animator. It contains Lots of effects that meet your needs.
DESCRIPTION::Since 2000, SWAM is a well-known brand for stunning and realistic 3D hair. It’s best known for creating female hairstyles like beehive, layered, short volume cut, curl and various other hairstyles. 3D developers love SWAM hair for its