DESCRIPTION:This is the Medical Combo Pack from the "Essential Services Series".  Ideal for patients in hospital, tests in hospital, checkups in doctor's offices, physicians, lab technicians, nurses, factory foreman, food plants,etc.  Along
DESCRIPTION: (This Bundle Will Not Be Available Nexte Year)Our range of Sketchy Scenes is really starting to expand now, offering you a wide range of filming locations for your animated movies and comics. Sketchy Scenes. An investment in quality.ALWA
DESCRIPTION:Character features- – Vector scaling – Colour Management. – 360 Head – Flexible bone system, allowing character to bend and stretch with realistic movement.  Keyframe movement for precise control. – Full lip synching and a
DESCRIPTION:Little Mates characters are not designed to work with facial puppeteering. Little Mates characters sprites are .png based, and as a result do not have render styles options.Character features- – Flexible bone system, allowing character
DESCRIPTION:Sckript Wild West men's looks collection. 4K PBR textured. Includes 36 items to create great Wild West men's looks.PS: THIS PACK WORK WITH LEGITIM & CRACKED VERSION OF CHARACTER CREATORALWAYS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT JUST HERE!!FREE FOR DIAM
DESCRIPTION:Introducing Hair Builder 2 - eGirl, the ultimate sequel to redefine your virtual character's style! Elevate your creativity with a spectrum of styles, from everyday chic to daring hairdos, transforming your 3D character with casual vibes,
DESCRIPTION:This pack brings together the best characters: Bonkers, Bendies and All Stars. With a wonderful scene: Jungle River.This Pack cost: 110$ALWAYS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT JUST HERE!!FREE FOR DIAMOND MEMBERS Others members can buy it with 35$Th
DESCRIPTION:Introducing the Studio Mocap Series - Raging Orc. Explore this all-encompassing collection featuring 45 savage motions. From fierce roars and chest-beating displays to powerful lifts and throws, this pack provides a diverse range of provo