DESCRIPTION:Introducing 'Violent Moves' – a handkey motion pack designed for characters with raw power. Crafted for fierceness, this collection includes starting, looping, and end poses, immersing your creations in intensity. From classic violent c
DESCRIPTION:Introducing 'Clumsy Moves' – a  handkey motion pack designed to infuse uproarious fun and unpredictability into your creations! Witness your characters engaging in a variety of hilariously unpredictable tumbles and silly behaviors.
DESCRIPTION:*This pack is for CTA v5.0 or above. The Cartoon Moves for Kids contains 75 2D animation sequences extracted from a 3D Motion Pack - Kids’ Moves, adding facial animation and turning it into Cartoon animator Perform. This handkey ch
DESCRIPTION:Introducing Hair Builder 2 - eGirl, the ultimate sequel to redefine your virtual character's style! Elevate your creativity with a spectrum of styles, from everyday chic to daring hairdos, transforming your 3D character with casual vibes,
DESCRIPTION:Ancient Egypt wardrobe includes over-fifties items of wardrobe, accessories, hair, shoes, all you need for a new adventure. All high detailed PBR textured.SCREENSHOT FROM OUR WORKSTATIONCOMPLETELY CRACKED - EXCLUSIVE THIS DIAMOND PER
DESCRIPTION:Of course, we have plenty of other great content that is going to blend perfectly with the new Sketchy Scenes - Planet Surface background pack, including a HUGE selection scifi spaceships, props and filming locations.Diamond members who u
DESCRIPTION:pace backgrounds NEED quality space actors, right? RIGHT?! Well LOOK NO FURTHER! I have you covered with DOZENS of great space actors to fill these scenes! All Stars! Bendies! Bonkers! Littel Mates! Whatever style you prefer, they ALL wor
DESCRIPTION:We  HAVE SO MANY wonderful packs from Shane that you can be starting to use RIGHT NOW! Take for instance this selection of Shanes packs that work so well with the new Sketchy Scenes - Planet Surface pack. From impacts and explosions
DESCRIPTION:The Smiths pack is designed to help you bring your creative ideas to life by giving you the tools to make your own Hollywood-quality movies and animated shows. With our pack of 3D characters, you'll have everything you need to cre
DESCRIPTION:Four amazing Christmas interior scenes with a fireplace, a Christmas tree and presents. Minimal layers for simple setup and use.Five Christmas winter exterior scenes are part of a magical winter wonderland. Minimal layers for simple setup