DESCRIPTION:Any rescue team sometimes has to face complicated situations that need to have the necessary material to defend themselves. There is a collection of different types of weapons from light to heavy, to be able to solve any type of situation
DESCRIPTION:Rescue Team - Tech & Gear allows you to complete the necessary equipment for your action and rescue scenes. It consists of several different sections. Medical, Basic technology, and different types of helmets and masks for the charact
DESCRIPTION:Rugged & Trendy Collection Vol.2 is an outfit bundle from the Rugged & Trendy Collection. ,This bundle includes the following packs : Cashmere Long, Coat Slim, Long Shirt, Classic Suit Pants, Sport Pants, Anorak Jacket, Sweat
DESCRIPTION:Exaggerated Motions pack is created by professional cartoon animators who employed keyframe animation techniques to create classic cartoony style motions that perfectly fit any G3 character. This pack includes 77 motions like running and
DESCRIPTION:Do you want to go one step further to be able to develop your stories in a Futuristic, Cyberpunk, or Sci-fi style? This is without a doubt your pack. Based on a careful and laborious stylized conceptual design, this adventure team offers
DESCRIPTION:This pack is a huge collection of character creations which includes 62 facial components, 23 hairstyles, 34 character outfit parts,16 accessories, 19 props, and 6 characters. All the hairstyles and accessories are designed in the structu
DESCRIPTION:Boutique Accessories series includes trendy and different types of accessories, like handbags, backpacks, hats, and shoes. Each is made in high definition and photorealistic materials, suitable for either realistic human or cartoon charac
DESCRIPTION:Motions for Construction pack contains the typical activities for building, landscaping and refurbishing. 70 mocap animations are grouped for different roles of construction, including site surveyance, demolition, site clearance, material
DESCRIPTION:Once Upon a Time Starter Pack is a HUGE collection of 59 props and 3 scenes. Combines props together like building blocks to create your own, unique scene. The combinations are endless!IN OUR KINGDOM AND EXCLUSIVELY THE PRICES ARE :REGULA
DESCRIPTION:Adventure Series - Outdoor Clothing is one of the packs in the Adventure Combo. It includes up to 200 clothes models for all kinds of outdoor activities, from excursions to expeditions, and remote places. All the models have PBR textures,