DESCRIPTION:This Pack contains both Yvonne and Robert Surgeon outfit, the Surgeon Badges, the Surgeon outfits, the Surgeon Caps, the Surgical Gloves and the Masks. 4K Textures. Use softcloth as is or experiment.This Pack contains All the Doctor outfi
DESCRIPTION:Nice Collection Of manga Characters, For iClone only: Actor > Non-Standard Human (10) Darkness_Shibu , Manga Sample D , MangaSample_Female , MangaSample_Male , Sakurada_Fumiriya , Sendagaya_Shibu , Sendagaya_Shino , Victoria_Rubin , Vi
DESCRIPTION:These professional character voice clips are perfect to lip sync to, and are also a great way to practice manual lip syncing.Audio Pack – Halloween 22mb Download includes- x5 zipped files containing the following x1 Halloween Theme (WAV
DESCRIPTION:Sckript's new collection of drag queens and showgirls' hairstyles. These are perfect for your next party, festival, or night on the town! The Digital hair texture and CC4 format make them a joy to use.LOW FEEDBACK = LESS FREE CONTENTWe al
DESCRIPTION:Genuine Retro Hats for Men is a series of timeless style accessories with a modern twist from the author of Urban Fashion Collection - Polygonal Miniatures Studios. Polygonal Miniatures is a well-known brand for stunning and ultra-realist
DESCRIPTION:The Kitties: Kevin & Kelly Welcome to the most adorable and enchanting collection of 3D models in the feline world! We are thrilled to introduce the first members of The Kitties collection: Kevin and Kelly, an irresistible couple of k
DESCRIPTION:Summer Party Game-Ready PBR Character Outfit with 4K texturesFor Character Creator only: Character > Cloth (7) Character > Shoes (4) For iClone only: Actor > Accessories (22)LOW FEEDBACK = LESS FREE CONTENTWe always appreciate al
DESCRIPTION:This is the Toon Pug Prop Character Pack by 3DUniverse. This Pack contains 1 Toon Pug with a Christmas Antlers accessory Prop. The Toon is supplied as an iClone Prop with Embedded Morph Shapes for adjusting the mesh when putting the chara
DESCRIPTION:Introducing Digital Human V5. 5 female character with custom skin, head and body. Body morph sliders Head morph sliders Full body presets with skin Head presets with skin Custom eyebrow hair elements Eyes Teeth Overall Skin Full Makeup pr