DESCRIPTION:For Character Creator only: Character > Accessory (1) Character > Avatar (1) Character > Eye (1) Character > Morph Data (1) Character > Skin (1) Character > Teeth (1) For iClone only: Actor > CC Standard Human (1)We a
DESCRIPTION:For iClone 5 and Up!! This is supplied as a complete Furnished Kitchen Scene with Walls, Ceiling and Floor all set up as subprops. Items against walls are attached for quickly and easily hiding. You also get all the single props for addin
DESCRIPTION:2 Eagle Men characters - one dressed as the Sheriff and the other as the Duputy.  These "Eagle Eyes" won't let any crimes happen under their watch. Eagle man has Wing Accessories that have a PERFORM for animation.The new place of con
DESCRIPTION:Toon Red Pandas sculpted and painted by Dicho.  Cloth specially created for Red Panda by Bigboss40 and textured by Alley. Clothing on these adorable creatures can be easily changed up in the Appearance Editor to your specific liking.
DESCRIPTION:This Pack contains All the Casual Shirts, the Leather Pants, the Golf Pants, the Golf Cap ,Shoe Base for Robert,Shorts and All the Shirts  4K Textures. No softcloth needed.NOTE: To use the clothing, you need the "TOON FIGURESPS: iClo
DESCRIPTION:Recreate an authentic nomadic decor from the Horn of Africa. Modeled and textured from real objects usually found in a nomadic habitat in East Africa (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia). Ideal for recreating a setting of modern nomadic tribes l
DESCRIPTION:This pack includes 6 anime style characters named Anna, Annie and Connie. All cyberpunk characters are well proportioned and carefully crafted with their own unique styles.PS: Slides Not includedThe number of free packs depends on your do
DESCRIPTION:Bigboss is proud to announce the arrival of a new series of absolutely outstanding and stunning Toon Characters for iClone by 3DUniverse. This is the Toon Parrot Character Pack by 3DUniverse. This Pack contains 8 ully animatable Toon Parr
DESCRIPTION:This pack contains ALL the Dancing Dresses. 4K Textures. iClone user choose Leather Preset for best softcloth. Make sure you use the Collision Shapes.
DESCRIPTION:This pack contains All The Shorts and the Tops. Mix and Match.  4K Textures. No Softcloth added.