ONLY IN KINGDOM3D & EXCLUSIVELYDESCRIPTION:RIGGING BOOTCAMP IN CARTOON ANIMATOR 4 Learn to take PRE-MADE characters and turn them into ORIGINAL customized charactersNo experience is necessary, however, some experience using the software
DESCRIPTION:The Adventure Outfits & Gears Combo pack includes a total 5 sets of outdoor outfits especially tailored for Manny, Joe, Martha, Demarco and Nina found in the Adventure Figures pack. Purchasing the Adventure Outfits & Gears combo p
DESCRIPTION:The Bendies Collection includes packs below (10 Characters): 1. The Bendies #14 - Leif 2. The Bendies #15 - Spy Guy 3. The Bendies #16 - General Mayhem 4. The Bendies #17 - Henchman 5. The Bendies #18 - Mayday 6. The Bendies #19 - Mi
DESCRIPTION:ALL 9 characters in the casual1 set of the family. Each character has 3 different angles - front, side and back. A flexible bone system, allowing the character to bend and stretch with realistic movement.  Apply the G3 side facing mo
DESCRIPTION:High-Quality Skin Gen Assets for Character Creator This pack provides a set of 66 Skin Gen Premium assets for artists to create their own prosthetic “film style” makeup inside Character Creator 3. Special Features DMFX is powe
DESCRIPTION:5 adorable family members are here! They have been carefully crafted and well proportioned for the best cartoon character design. You can also redesign your own with face and body morph sliders inside Character Creator 3. This pack includ
DESCRIPTION:This is a new iClone tool that uses tiles with photogrammetric seamless textures, to create photorealistic terrains. The pack provides: - 1 x Tile master prop with 64x64 surface tessellation and embedded morphs. - 1 x Tile master prop wit
DESCRIPTION:YOU HAVE THE PERFECT CHARACTER BUT YOU JUST CAN’T CONTROL ITThe step-by-step complete system to learn how to prepare and control your characters the way you wanted.WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?IF YOU WANT INFORMATION Go to YouTube and Googl