Studio Mocap Series - Conversation

Studio Mocap Series - Conversation


Studio Mocap Series - Conversation offers various relaxed chatting activities like lively discussions, walking chats, and more. It allows for enjoyable chat scenarios, from friendly talks with friends and work-related discussions to interactions with service personnel. Explore different settings, from calm to enthusiastic and stationary to on-the-go conversations. The collection includes diverse emotional expressions in disputes, from mild dissatisfaction to intense anger. Create dynamic scenes capturing the essence of disputes, whether standing or moving. Enjoy a multitude of tailored chat experiences with this pack. Mix and match with Studio Mocap - Social Hangout Combo, Office Work Combo, Motions for Lovers for even more animation possibilities. All motions are 100% royalty-free and can be exported as FBX or BVH for use in real-time game engines like Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, Game Maker, and others. *For Cartoon Animator v5.0 user:If you wish to purchase more quality 3D motion packs to enhance your 2D animations, then check out our special selection page: Unlock 2D Character Animation with 3D Motions.


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Great package, very happy to see this, thanks 

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Lovely package, Great to see this content here. Looking forward to see it uploaded on the Diamond package. Thank  you. 

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Very Nice Pack Thank You Soo Much For Having this Dear Admin❤

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