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DESCRIPTION:You were looking for Jack Sparow ... you will probably find him here in Nassau ... 10 Scenes multilayersFor Cartoon Animator only: Scene > Scene (10) Scene 1 , Scene 10 , Scene 2 , Scene 3 , Scene 4 , Scene 5 , SCENE 6 , Scene 7 , Scen
DESCRIPTION:Bigboss is proud to announce the arrival of a series of outstanding and stunning fully animated Characters by Maksim This is the Fighters Character Pack by Maksim This Pack contains 16 Sci-Fi Fighter Character for iClone (15 different cha
DESCRIPTION:School Outdoor scene with Exterior view of the school building with playground.and blue sky behind. Bus stop and road view with yellow school bus.You can use this E-mail to contact [email protected] always appreciate all donations
DESCRIPTION:Now that you have your collection of Space Bonkers characters, youre gonna need somewhere for them to play.The DIY Scenes has great packs that give you a sandbox in which to assemble all your own scifi backgrounds. From tall towers to pan
DESCRIPTION:Five unique stylized female characters, created by Andee Antillon have arrived! Charming Dolls characters are well proportioned and attentively crafted with unique styles. You can also redesign your own with face and body morph sliders in
DESCRIPTION:Working Class Heroes is a collection of stylized characters with presets based on modern work life, this package adds a significant boost to any artist looking to give their projects an additional edge. Beyond the character presets, the c
DESCRIPTION:This pack is a G3 360 head creation tool that includes 58 facial components, 18 hairstyles, and 29 head samples to quickly customize G3 characters. All templates designed in this pack are compatible with G3 360 heads. Choose various facia
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon nature scene  is a CA4 scene which constists of 20 scene props.
DESCRIPTION:SpeedTree is a powerful toolkit used to create 3D animated plants and trees for games, animations, visual effects shots, and architectural renderings. You may have seen the old SpeedTrees but with the visual improvements in iClone 6, you'
DESCRIPTION:Monster Hair is the  Character Creator Hairstyles designed for the Halloween special edition. This pack collects the aged hairstyles which are also best fits for iClone heroes, mutants, zombies, vampires, and fantasy characters. The