These images show some of the hidden content in our Premium and Platinum club.Our hidden content also contains A lot of exclusive Content which remain a surprise for our dear Premium-Platinum members.WE ARE NOT ALONE BUT WE ARE THE BESTHOW TO BECOME
DESCRIPTION:The Little Mates for CTA3 are here at last! Meet Little Mate #7-8-9 - Pool Guy. Taking full advantage of CTA3's flexible bone system, the Little Mates characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply the G3 side facin
DESCRIPTION:The DIY Scenes are a collection of individual props that you can use to assemble an infinite number of backgrounds of any length, scale or height. From single rooms to panoramas, anything is possible.
DESCRIPTION:Meet Bendie #29 - Count Dracula. Taking full advantage of the flexible bone system, the Bendies bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to them with great results. Included in the download are the G3
DESCRIPTION:This pack is PBR 4K Textured and includes: Dresses Tunics Capes Booties Waps Belt Sandals Tiara Jewelry SleevesOriginal Price: 50$THIS PACK IS FREE  FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS. Regular Members: If you want this pack at a very
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon Donkey Cartoon Donkey is a G3 character for Crazy Talk Animator 3 made in 3 variations: 1. Cartoon Donkey (head front) 2. Cartoon Donkey (head side) 3. Cartoon Donkey (head profile) The character accept all the movements from the
DESCRIPTION:Skin Tone Mega Pack - 13 color tones. See photos for color tones. Makeup in some photos are not included but can be re-created using the free version of SkinGen. Eyebrows are included (Default CC3 eyebrows) but can be changed out for any
DESCRIPTION:Easy color change via the color settings or photoshop. Style A-E has multiple color options via Material Plus. See example photos for colors! Make sure you use the “conform” button after applying the hair to your character. Hair is lo
DESCRIPTION:Pose & Expression: Supermodels - inspired by charismatic, world-class supermodels. We present fashion modeling poses and gestures for 3D characters, which are all designed with real fashion and fashion magazine references. A good mode
DESCRIPTION:Speed Lines - Animated props come in handy to improve the dynamics of your projects. There are three built-in animations: unframed, outlined, and blended. The movement speed can be adjusted, as well as change the color to completely merge
DESCRIPTION:Sckript Men Leisure collection includes four fun full looks, 4K PBR Textured.Four cool Leisure women look, 4K PBR textured.