These images show some of the hidden content in our Premium and Platinum club.Our hidden content also contains A lot of exclusive Content which remain a surprise for our dear Premium-Platinum members.WE ARE NOT ALONE BUT WE ARE THE BESTHOW TO BECOME
DESCRIPTION:Fully modular environment with over 40 seperate items to move and replace to create your own unique animation scenes.
DESCRIPTION:G3 Puppet Actor ToolkitThis pack is a brand-new CTA hand animation solution from the Puppet Actor Toolkit. It includes: -15 Bone-rigged Hand Puppet Templates -42 Sample Actors With 115 Pre-made Animations -Intuitive Hand Puppet Templates
DESCRIPTION:PRODUCT: DTS-MODEL 01-HAIR SETDTS-Model01-HairSet has 3 hairstyles and is included in the Divine Troop Super-Model01 Pack. DTS-Model02-HairSet has 3 hairstyles and is included in the Divine Troop Super-Model02 Pack.The Divine Troop S
DESCRIPTION:This is a practical handkey zombie action package for game. There are three different style zombie actions, and each style has various motion including bite, walk, run, attack, death, etc.
DESCRIPTION:Taking advantage of the fluent and curvy characteristics of G3 Elastic Motions, Spongy Moves is designed to show life-like cartoon style animations with natural physic simulations. Simply apply these premade animations to any text, logo,
DESCRIPTION:Arm sleeves avalible for either the right or left armAdjustable color and placement via SkinGenApply multipe by "adding" more (vs replacing)Content located here: Skin>Acquired>DorothyJean>TattoosV1Please note, when removing a tat
DESCRIPTION:Photorealistic 3d models of  DRESSES Suitable for any production work - short and feature films, broadcast design, product visualization, etc. The model was originally created and setuped for rendering in MD10 Real-world size
DESCRIPTION:Sckript "Spells Academy Characters Bundle" 8 great chracters in their school look and witch and wizards looks.16 Non-Standard Human CharactersFor IC v7.6 or above
DESCRIPTION:The latest Studio Mocap Series: Magical Moves include both graceful spell-casting movements for female healers and sorceress, along with impact movements such as ground pounding, blast throwing and thunder casting for mythical power actio
DESCRIPTION:This pack is a big set of cartoon meshes with a simple graphic style, the pack has been made to be the more optimized and modular possible. In fact the package is optimized for mobiles and tablets. The kit contain more than 220 meshes and