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DESCRIPTION:FX Pack – Energy 211mb Download includes- x6 zipped files containing the following x13 Animated Prop (ctProp) files for use with Cartoon Animator 4 x7 Prop (PNG) files x1 Pack title image x1 Thumbnail video (MP4) file x1 Proof of Purcha
DESCRIPTION:Old European town with squares and streets, layered just for you!Pack includes: 6 ScenesFREE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS.We always appreciate all donations from our dear members.Your comments encourage [email protected]
DESCRIPTION:Meet Buz Blowfly. A Freebone character created by Garry Pye and star of the animated short "Steak Out". This download includes- - x1 Buz Blowfly ctFBactor - x1 Animated ctProp wings with 4 preset animations created by Declan Walsh - x1 La
DESCRIPTION:Sports Fashion-Thai Boxing Costumes is a collection of various styles of the Character Creators' Thai Boxing costumes. This pack includes 67 items: 7 x Thai Boxing Shirts 14 x Thai Boxing Wrapped Gloves (Left+Right) 10 x Thai Boxing Arms
DESCRIPTION:Meeting Male Motion There are 13 animations in this pack 4 Idle/Listening animations 6 Talking animations 3 Thinking animations You can combine them as you want to build a meeting or negotiation.SPEECH_MOTION :There are 49 speech anim
DESCRIPTION:The pack contains 168 variations of tattoo skin presets. The "Modify/Appearance/Skin" panel allows you to easily change the position, rotation, and scale of each tattoo. The base tattoo color can also be changed. It is possible to combine
DESCRIPTION:Summer Party Game-Ready PBR Character Outfit with 4K texturesFor Character Creator only: Character > Cloth (7) Character > Shoes (4) For iClone only: Actor > Accessories (22)LOW FEEDBACK = LESS FREE CONTENTWe always appreciate al
DESCRIPTION:This pack includes 5 characteres named Ludy , George , Laura, maria , and Matt . All Hip hop dancers characters are well proportioned and carefully crafted with their own unique styles.FREE FOR DIAMOND MEMBERS You can use this E-mail
DESCRIPTION:This is the Toon Pug Prop Character Pack by 3DUniverse. This Pack contains 1 Toon Pug with a Christmas Antlers accessory Prop. The Toon is supplied as an iClone Prop with Embedded Morph Shapes for adjusting the mesh when putting the chara
DESCRIPTION:*This pack is for iClone v8.10, CC4.10 or above. Talk & Listen is a professional animation pack designed by experienced animators with a focus on cartoony-style motions. This pack includes 20 unique motions, specifically crafted to sh