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DESCRIPTION:Here is how anyone can prepare a scene in 1 hour instead of 2 months.It's not too late, you don't have to spend months learning the software, and then a whole year to get that project finished. Nope! That's totally a waste of time and we
DESCRIPTION:This is a set of 47 High quality motion capture clips recorded in our state-of-the-art optical mocap studio and performed by a professional actor/dancer. This set is based around Insults & Taunting motions. The animations are su
DESCRIPTION:Meet the Doods. The perfect host or spokesman for your next media project. Taking full advantage of Cartoon Animators flexible bone system, these characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply side facing motions to
DESCRIPTION:For Character Creator only: Character > Accessory (1) Character > Avatar (1) Character > Eye (1) Character > Morph Data (1) Character > Skin (1) Character > Teeth (1) For iClone only: Actor > CC Standard Human (1)We a
DESCRIPTION:High quality outfits based on fantasy, historical and science-fiction themes brought to you by Xurge3D. Level up your fantasy world creation with this finely crafted content pack!Full support for iClone’s soft-cloth physics let's fabric
DESCRIPTION:For iClone 5 and Up!! This is supplied as a complete Furnished Kitchen Scene with Walls, Ceiling and Floor all set up as subprops. Items against walls are attached for quickly and easily hiding. You also get all the single props for addin
DESCRIPTION:This is the Adam and Eve pack that comes with everything you need to start to create stories based on those character, all 3 G3 characters are 360 degree head and ready for puppetry , Eve comes with extra hand sprites holding a apple ( bo
DESCRIPTION:Mixed MoCap Dances II is a set of 120 high quality MOCAP dance motions by Awesome Dog MoCap. The motions cover a variety of different dance styles and include many specific well known dance moves. The motions are great for bringing your i
DESCRIPTION:The witches series is a collection of 3 G3 360 degree refined characters each one with their unique features and spercial hands sprintes, include 4 props : an animated couldron , an animated broom , an animated book of spells and a cute v
DESCRIPTION:2 Eagle Men characters - one dressed as the Sheriff and the other as the Duputy.  These "Eagle Eyes" won't let any crimes happen under their watch. Eagle man has Wing Accessories that have a PERFORM for animation.The new place of con