G3 Scenes & Props Assembly Kits - Street Buildup Systems

G3 Scenes & Props Assembly Kits - Street Buildup Systems


Every cartoon has a never-ending scrolling backdrop where characters uninterruptedly walk infront. Now you can utilize the same technique with this Street Buildup System that allows you to create long, extending 3D city landscapes that can be customized in no time at all. This pack consists of two major parts; the Street and the Building Component Systems. It delivers more than 200 basic elements for you to assemble your own unique buildings, cars, streets and shops, giving you full flexibility to build, build, build! This collection also contains four ready-built scenes for you to quickly fill any space with city block styles like; Downtown, Old Town, Uptown, and Shopping district. Discover handy features like windows with day and night options, doors that open, and trees and poles that sway, giving your 2D city energy and life. All props are designed in resolution-independent vector formats, allowing you to instantly apply different render-style colors.

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2021-04-22 22:24:07

Very important Pack.


Thank youuuuu

2021-04-23 12:47:26

Insane pack and really a must have for any Cartoon Animator user

2021-04-23 20:27:28

Yes, this pack is necessary for every Cartoon Animator user.

Thank you Admin.

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2021-04-24 22:18:13

Thank you for this super cartoon animator package.

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