DESCRIPTION:Fully modular environment with over 40 seperate items to move and replace to create your own unique animation scenes.
DESCRIPTION:Taking advantage of the fluent and curvy characteristics of G3 Elastic Motions, Spongy Moves is designed to show life-like cartoon style animations with natural physic simulations. Simply apply these premade animations to any text, logo,
DESCRIPTION:8 animated propCTA v3.30 (or above)
DESCRIPTION:This Bundle is specially dedicated to fans of special effects in Cartoon Animator. It contains Lots of effects that meet your needs.
DESCRIPTION: Drive your animation to the top of the rankings! This pack contains 6 modern vehicles: Convertible, Ambulance, Bicycle, Pickup Truck, Motorcycle and Bus, all in cartoonish comic styles. Every vehicle's front and side are included in
DESCRIPTION:Hold on to your G2 Characters, because the Buddies are here! The Buddies are a new addition to the collection of G2 characters with cuter, simpler way of animation. The G2 PowerTools Vol.4 pack, has everything you need to start creati
DESCRIPTION:Island: -Landscape items on individual layers in png format -Layers are sorted to corrisponding depths. -Customize and arrange individual layers to create your own scene! Add your own characters and content to fit in the scene. Scenes: -I
DESCRIPTION:Office Workers pack is designed by Frank's Pencil. This character pack is suitable for american style cartoon, and you can use them to create your own cartoon show in the office. This pack contains 8 side characters for CTA3, 3 females an
DESCRIPTION:Make your presence known by applying these pre-made motions to any image or asset. Enjoy up to 40 Elastic motion clip files that can be further customized in the Timeline.You can loop them, combine them, and save them for future projects.
DESCRIPTION:The scene with the hospital and the ambulance will make your animation more varied. The scene include 12 props. This is a 3D object scene and some elements are dynamic.