DESCRIPTION:Casual People Pack Vol.1 and 2: Flat design character collection by Sapann Design. This Pack contains 16 flat Characters for CTA3, 8 females and 8 males, which you can apply both the G3 front and side facing movements to them. Also Ca
DESCRIPTION:Glide your way into any scene with the Smooth Moves human motions pack designed for the new G3 characters. Get 2 angles for each of the 96 motions that can be commonly used for daily life such as talking, walking, sitting, dancing or spor
DESCRIPTION:Celebrate your family's best friend with this amazing content pack that instantly animates 2D dogs. Check out these 3 popular dog breeds that are ready to be animated with up to 61 unique dog motions for all kinds of fun, dog behaviors.
DESCRIPTION:Liven any home scene with the pets we love. Use this content pack to instantly animate and build 2D cats with natural-looking styles. These 3 cat breeds are ready to be animated with up to 65 unique domestic cat motions for all kinds of a
DESCRIPTION:Angry Birds est un jeu vidéo de type artillerie et puzzle développé et édité par la société finlandaise Rovio Mobile. Inspiré à l'origine par des dessins stylisés d'oiseaux sans ailes et ni pattes, le jeu fut lancé à l'origine
DESCRIPTION:Alien spaceship cockpit, with overtones of steampunk and art deco. Included free are 6 props- 3 Daleks, an Alien rmat, fluffy dice and a plasma propulsion unit. All props have z-axis depth.Do you have a space animation concept needing a G
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon Cow Cartoon Cowl is a G3 character for Crazy Talk Animator 3 made in 4 variations: Cartoon Cow - F Cartoon Cow - S(315 degrees) Cartoon Cow (270 degrees) Cartoon Cow F (white) The character accept all the movements from the alread
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon Cardinal Cartoon Cardinal is a G3 character for Crazy Talk Animator 3 made in 6 variations: Cartoon Cardinal - F (0) Cartoon Cardinal - S(315 degrees) Cartoon Cardinal (Karate) F Cartoon Cardinal (Karate) S Cartoon Cardinal - wing
DESCRIPTION:This .ctScene is set up with correct z-axis layering for quality camera control and the ability to move your characters and props about within the scene in the correct perspective.
DESCRIPTION:Six cool G3 side and front characters in flat cartoon style - 4 kids( 2 boys and girl) & male and female teacher. As a G3 character, these character have 15 mouth sprites nd over 32 hand sprites with props.