DESCRIPTION:The laboratory scene will add variety to your animation. The scene include 11 props. This is a 3D object scene and some elements are dynamic.
PRODUCTION DESCRIPTION :What is the weather condition in your animated story? Is it sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy? If you need a windy scene, or a romantic autumn breeze with fallen leaves scattering on the street, then this Weather Maker pack is for
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Use any of the cheerful cartoon characters to generate fun animations for instucting your students, teachers, employee staff and more with news, stories and information! They can be included in your comics, posters or any other cr
DESCRIPTION :Animals collection (Volume 1) - Character: This collection design by azbus. 4 characters: • Front and Slide actors; • 30 (cat, ,dog, rooster)/1 (goat ) hand sprites; • 6 pairs of eye sprites; • 44 (cat, g
DESCRIPTION:Handpainted G3 Characters. This package contains: 5 Actors Llamas With talking mouth With animated eyes
DESCRIPTION :Hi everyone, my new motion pack "Musician 01" is available on the marketplace now, the perform motion is regarding guitar and bass player, it includes 20 perform motions and 4 Props with animations and compatible with all Cartoon animato
DESCRIPTION :Christmas collection - Character: This collection design by azbus. 9 characters: • Front and Side actors; • 30 hand sprites; • 6 pairs of eye sprites; • 44 mouth sprites; • Compatible with 360 head
DESCRIPTION :This ctScene is set up with the correct z-axis layering for quality camera control and the ability to move your characters and props about within the scene in the proper perspective.3 ------- SCENES
DESCRIPTIONhis Power Tools vol. 1 pack includes: - G3 360 Character - Vector Buddies - G3 Human Motions - Social & Emoticons G3 360 Character - Vector Buddies: The Vector Buddies pack is a brand new G3 360 character assembly system which inc
DESCRIPTIONThis Power Tools vol. 2 pack includes: - G3 360 Character - Campus Hero - G3 Human Motions - Mission Moves Create your professional stories the easy way, in a short time! G3 360 Character - Campus Hero: ▴Perfect for any projec