DESCRIPTION:Cartoon Sheep Cartoon Sheep is a G3 character for Crazy Talk Animator 3 made in 2 variations: 1. Cartoon sheep - Stormy 2. Cartoon sheep - Snowy The characters accept all the movements from the already made movements for G3 characters wit
DESCRIPTION:Cartoon Crow The character accept all the movements from the already made movements for G3 characters. These Characters are designed to work with facial puppeteering and made in 2 variiations: 1. Cartoon Crow ( human) 2. Cartoon Crow (win
DESCRIPTION:The DIY Scenes are a collection of individual props that you can use to assemble an infinite number of backgrounds of any length, scale or height. From single rooms to panoramic shots and tall towers. Anything is possible. This pack also
DESCRIPTION:Zoo Dudes are G3 cartoon animals by Garry Pye. Select G3 dog motions will work best for this character, or he can be keyframed for precise control. Zoo Dudes Donkey also comes with a handy mule pack, saddle and stirrup, which can be 'link
DESCRIPTION:Meet Little Mate #26 - Police. Taking full advantage of CTA3's flexible bone system, the Little Mates characters bend and stretch with realistic movement and you can apply the G3 side facing movements to them with great results.Meet Littl
DESCRIPTION:Casual People Pack Vol.1 and 2: Flat design character collection by Sapann Design. This Pack contains 16 flat Characters for CTA3, 8 females and 8 males, which you can apply both the G3 front and side facing movements to them. Also Ca
DESCRIPTION:Glide your way into any scene with the Smooth Moves human motions pack designed for the new G3 characters. Get 2 angles for each of the 96 motions that can be commonly used for daily life such as talking, walking, sitting, dancing or spor
DESCRIPTION:Celebrate your family's best friend with this amazing content pack that instantly animates 2D dogs. Check out these 3 popular dog breeds that are ready to be animated with up to 61 unique dog motions for all kinds of fun, dog behaviors.
DESCRIPTION:Liven any home scene with the pets we love. Use this content pack to instantly animate and build 2D cats with natural-looking styles. These 3 cat breeds are ready to be animated with up to 65 unique domestic cat motions for all kinds of a
DESCRIPTION:Angry Birds est un jeu vidéo de type artillerie et puzzle développé et édité par la société finlandaise Rovio Mobile. Inspiré à l'origine par des dessins stylisés d'oiseaux sans ailes et ni pattes, le jeu fut lancé à l'origine